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What is Cucos Baby?

In the four years we have dedicated to the world of babies, we have learned and grown a lot.

Our bassinets and natural materials, palm baskets, wooden legs, cotton fabrics, linen and organic cotton, are in line with the highest EU Standards.  Safety is our priority, none of the supports have wheels and so are totally stable while the rockers will gently relax your baby with no risk.  Our bassinets are the ideal height to have next to your bed or in the sitting room where you can keep an eye on your child comfortably.

Each bassinet is unique and exclusively crafted in Valencia, Spain and so no two are alike.  We offer suggestions in our Inspiration section but our philosophy is that you can choose the design of fabric you like most.  (National, Organic Design or Liberty) and create your own exclusive piece.

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Your baby’s first bed will be unique and very special.

We want to imagine it with you.  We want quality design, attention to detail, a gentle touch and the best materials possible.  We want to capture your ideas, your inspiration, and make them a reality.

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Eva – Founder of Cucos Baby, entrepreneur in turbulent times and Mommy to Victor, ‘Becoming a mother turned my life upsidedown and took me from the world of plants and flowers, as an agricultural technician, to designer and fabricator of bassinets for babies.  Hundreds of cappuccinos in front of the computer, sleepless nights, social networks, a blog and a lot of tender loving care and each product produced has done the rest.’.

Our products come to light because of all our hard work, a selection of the best materials on the planet, and skilled craft-work, ‘Made in Spain’.