A gentle welcome for your baby.

What is Cucos Baby?

At Cucos Baby we design the first bed your baby will sleep in.  Natural innovative materials, organic cotton fabrics and attention to detail make for a unique experience.


Our fabrics are chosen for their high quality and cutting edge design.


Cucos Baby bassinets are multi-purpose and very comfortable so your baby will feel snug and protected during their first months of life.  By the time your baby has outgrown its bassinet, it will have become a cherished piece of furniture and its style and presence part of your home and identity.

about cucos baby

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Cucos Baby bassinets

Gentle, delicate, sweet, traditional

With a natural palm basket and untreated wooden rockers, the Folk Bassinet is hugely popular for its stunning traditional design.


Minimalist, Innovative, Eco-Friendly

Polymer Basket – 100% recyclable HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) – with white dipper legs.


Where can you find a Cucos Baby Bassinet?

To take home a Cucos Baby Bassinet, choose the option most convenient for you.  Come by one of our in-store sales locations or contact us directly.  We will assess your needs and desires and agree the best options in order to provide you with a personalised exclusive Cucos Baby product.

We will be delighted to advise you!

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If your store deals with interior decoration, mother and baby, or any variation within the baby products world, and you think Cucos Baby products would add something to your unique product offering, get in touch with us for a consultation.

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